The Dog that Ate our House

As I look around my house, I notice a common thread — duct tape.  It holds the couch cushions together. It keeps the batteries in place on the remote, or what little is left of it. It keeps the stuffing in on the chair the cat uses as a scratching post. Yesterday I threw away the pet bed that had been liberated of its stuffing; couldn’t use duct tape there. The rug in the living room seems to be getting frayed and smaller in size. It’s actually a recent purchase as its predecessor was no longer usable.

Years ago we had a big black lab that was part Giant Schnauzer and he grew to a hefty 140 pounds. We called him the dog that ate our house. He ate through the drywall in the hallway, and also the linoleum in the laundry room. He had a penchant for leather shoes but usually only chewed one of the pair. I brought a winter coat home and minutes later he had eaten the furry collar.

But the cherry on the pie of my day was the lawn furniture episode.  We came home from shopping to find our back yard was a veritable sea of yellow foam. Shadow had ripped the cushions apart and was madly scattering the insides near and far. That was it, after all, this was the second set of lawn furniture cushions.  I put my foot down. Either I go or the dog goes.

Shadow must have known he was living on borrowed time. He straightened up and became the most wonderful dog in the world. When he was very old, Chris would lie with him on the floor and cuddle. Sometimes you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.

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  1. We had a Beagle mutt that ate our family room furniture. Sometimes it would look as though it had snowed in our family room because of all of the stuffing she had removed. Tootsie also turned out to be an excellent dog, and we were lucky to have her for an incredible 18 years.

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