Dog Blog #4

This morning we are featuring Greek food. Along with their dry food and canned food, the dogs get a special treat of rotisserie chicken, diced bacon hotdogs, or leftovers. Minus the tomatoes and onions, they will be enjoying a gyros today. I just know they will love the cucumber sauce.

Dining is always an adventure at the Childers house. Roxy and Taylor feign total disinterest until the taste-tester, Pansy, acknowledges the delightful ingredients and begins to eat. Sometimes when her meal is delivered to her, Pansy will decide to relocate to perhaps the living room. This will involve her bowl being picked up by the referee from the prior location and delivered to the new location. Sometimes she will remain on the couch so her meal will be hand delivered there. However, until she begins to eat the other two will look upon their bowls with disgust.

If, for any reason, the referee leaves the area to go to the bathroom or whatever, all eating will cease as the three dogs follow to the hallway and wait for her to return. At that time lunch is probably over because they have forgotten what they were doing.

It looks good. Pansy has approved the meal. Roxy goes to her dish and begins to eat. Taylor is confused as to where her bowl is although it has been delivered to the usual spot. A secondary location is under the dining room table, and a tertiary spot is in her office where she ostensibly answers e-mails. (a/k/a laundry room).  Taylor walks around the island, spots her dish, and approaches it cautiously. She begins to eat.

Delay of game. Pansy is thirsty and motions for the referee to fill the water bowls. While she drinks, Roxy steals her food. The referee guides the puppy back to her own bowl while Taylor backs to the sidelines. Taylor looks despondent and the referee notes that the puppy is now eating Taylor’s food. Roxy is again cited for theft and guided back to her own bowl.

Pansy has declined what remains in her bowl and instead goes outside with the newspaper and a cup of coffee to survey her domain and perhaps leave a sizable fecal contribution to the growing waste in the yard. Taylor and Roxy quickly forage for tidbits in each other’s bowls. Each firmly believes that they get inferior food while the other dogs get tastier delights. It looks like lunch is over.

Nap time is looming. At least until dinner time when the entire play is re-enacted.

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