Dog Blog #3

(picture is of Pansy)

There are some things you cannot do. You cannot make a child eat (reference a study by Brooke Jones titled “Zachary Jones Doesn’t Eat, Years 2006 through 2015.”) You also cannot make a dog urinate. You can drag that 100 lb dog through the house and out the back door, but you cannot make that dog urinate. You can bribe that dog with prime rib, but that dog will not urinate. You can dance in your pajamas on the deck while pointing to an invisible squirrel on the lawn, and that dog will still not urinate. Accept it and move on.

Chris first saw a picture of Taylor online; great dane and greyhound mix. I wanted a great dane and Chris wanted a greyhound so we thought Taylor would be a great compromise. We called and the rescue organization dropped her off. When you’ve got a “live one” you need to act fast I guess.

Taylor was 3 or 4 years old and she had been re-homed a number of times. Her latest home had a new great dane puppy, other dogs, lots of children, and they were anxious to dump Taylor. She arrived trembling and underweight. Her owner said that she apparently didn’t like to eat. The other dogs slept on the bed so Taylor was relegated to the laundry where she barked and cried all night and peed on the floor. During the day she hid in a corner. She was a big problem to them.

We introduced her to Pansy, our adult giant schnauzer, and Taylor promptly went under the kitchen table where she would remain for the next three days. We tried everything to get her to go outside. Finally on the third day when I was sure she would die of uremic poisoning, I left the back door open and sat in a chair on the deck. I ignored her. Eventually she crept out of the house, peed in the yard, disappeared behind the garage and jumped the 5 ft fence. She came back a little later.

Some other things I know for sure about Taylor is she will not go outside after dark or in the morning until the sun comes up. And she only goes outside for me which limits my social life, if I had one. She will go for a walk but usually aborts after about a house or two and wants to go back home. She is terrified of thunder storms so I cover her with a blanket and lie next to her until it passes. She loves to sleep on the bed with her head on Chris’s pillow, or under the covers where it’s warm. She has the appetite of a bird that eats 3 times its weight every day and generously helps the other dogs by cleaning their bowls.

Taylor doesn’t like the puppy but she placates her as necessary. She looks longingly at me as the puppy chews on her face and legs but wouldn’t think of growling at her. She loves to be stroked and if you tell her how pretty she is, she’ll dance. I do love this dog.

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