Dog Blog #2

(picture is of Roxy, a/k/a the puppy)

The morning meal this morning is a combination of very expensive dry food with canned chunky beef topped with fresh shredded rotisserie chicken. Taylor has decided to take time off from her very busy schedule to join us in the kitchen, which we all appreciate. She hasn’t gone outside to urinate yet because it is a dreary day and rainy. Perhaps a little later. She has the bladder of a camel.

Post-lunch entertainment features a rousing chorus of “I think I see something” by the trio barked acapella through the living room window. Occasionally they follow it up with their hit, “I think I hear something,” but not today. The mailman is not impressed.

And that’s it. They are down for the count and napping. Except for Taylor who is looking around like she thinks she forgot something. She can’t imagine what it is so she makes a nest in the puppy’s toy bed. This is a direct affront to the puppy which will be remembered and revenged later when Roxy tries to ride Taylor like a horse.

Pansy has moved from one end of the couch to the other. Her final act will be rolling over with her feet in the air. The puppy is asleep under my chair.

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